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2005 - Eleftheria Square

Public Space / competition / 2nd prize

The proposed design reinforces the important role Eleftheria Square plays in two scales: in the broader metropolitan city of Nicosia and the more local scale of the square and its specifics. With this proposal, the square becomes the pivot point between the Old and the New city and between the city and the moat.
In relation to the broader metropolitan area, what is proposed is a system of public spaces which function as one entity thus responding appropriately to the new scale of the city of Nicosia. The limited size of the existing square/platform that bridges the old and the new city, does not allow the fulfilment of such a role. What is thus proposed is a new Eleftheria Square which is composed of a system of public spaces, each with its own character yet together creating a functional, perceptual as well as symbolic entity appropriate for one of the main squares of Cyprus. In this manner, there would be encouragement of use of the public space by different sorts of users, encouraging social proximity that does not usually happen in Cypriot public environments. Plus, there can be accommodation of small scale events and activities when the various public spaces work independently and of metropolitan scale events when they work as a whole.

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