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2022 - Pagkyprio Gymnasio Competition

Pancyprian Gymnasium – Master Plan and Indoor Sports Room Architectural Competition
The proposal "Two Welcoming Stadiums" is organized on the basis of three design axes with the protagonists being the "Indoor Stadium" (closed sports hall) and the "Outdoor Stadium" (the clearing).
The first design axis transforms the urban complex of Pancyprian Gymnasium into a porous and welcoming space for the neighborhood of old Nicosia. The second concerns the redesign of the complex's open spaces to form synergies between the cultural and musical ephemeral uses of the "Giagos Michaelidis" music school and the sports activities of the educational complex. The third design axis builds an ecological organization based on the drastic reduction of carbon dioxide (CO2) pollutants.
Project Team
Socrates Stratis
Collaborating Architects: Despoina Kouppa, Mary Mavrohanna, Evripides Mytilineos

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