“AA & U” focuses on the constructive entanglements between architecture, urban planning and the visual arts to support the urban commons. It takes part in the design and implementation of support structures for the urban commons as well as of infrastructures for public spaces. 

AA&U’s activist work involves the creation of safe spaces to practice a future in common by creatively transforming the contestations of divided Cyprus. Practices of critical cartography, advocating alternative modes of urbanity, of creating common spaces for exchange are central to AA&U’s work.

The founding members of "AA & U" are Socrates Stratis, architect, urbanist, and academic and Maria Loizidou, visual artist, (www.marialoizidou.com ). Socrates addresses architecture as a critical urban practice to keep architecture relevant to the challenges of conflict transformation. Maria gives emphasis on the power of fragility to address social and political concerns in the visual arts. AA&U is a collaborative structure with many collaborators for each project it undertakes.

AA&U’s work is published in international publications and exhibited in several editions of the Architecture Biennale in Venice. "AA&U" has collaborated with the “Imaginary Famagusta” team as well as with LUCY (Laboratory of Urbanism University of Cyprus) for the “Hands-on Famagusta” project, (www.handsonfamagusta.org ). It has participated in the curatorial project for Cyprus participation at the Venice Biennale of Architecture in 2016, titled “Contested Fronts, commoning practices for conflict transformation.

AA & U clients are public authorities such as Heraklion, Crete Greece, Athienou, Limassol, Planning Department and Housing in Cyprus, etc.  AA & U has won several prizes in European and Cypriot architectural competitions.

 Support Structures:  The importance of the active agency of space and practice. AA&U's design processes bring forward the political dimension of the urban. The support structure's output can be a critical statement. They don't have the power to considerable change, yet they point towards new alternatives. Through the 'Support Structures', the visual and performative arts are introduced into the 'Urban' and the 'Architecture'.

 Architecture:  AA&U addresses architecture as a dynamic design process of materialisation of spatial, urban and actorial relations. AA&U has been dealing increasingly with the public aspect of architecture and its relationship to the urban commons. Giving new value to the existing both spatially and socially is central to AA&U's projects. 

Urban:  Introducing larger entities such as networks, natural landscapes or urban formations into the limited project territory. Engaging the actors, both humans and non-humans connected to such larger entities into the project by introducing new relations of physical, temporal and actorial dimensions. 




Socrates Stratis


I am a PhD architect, urbanist, and activist for the urban commons, Associate Professor, at the Department of Architecture, University of Cyprus. My research focuses on the political agencies of architecture and urban design. I study the strategic value of urban design, as well as the social dimensions of architecture plus, the ways they both transform into critical urban practices. I oscillate between practice and research, thanks to entanglements between teaching, practising, curating, and writing. I enrich my research by operating in a highly contested territory, such as the Cypriot one, plus by having an active contribution to the becoming of young European urban design practices through my scientific position in EUROPAN Europe. I am one of the main founders of the critical urban practice agency AA & U, Cyprus. The “Guide to Common Urban Imaginaries in Contested Spaces”, jovis. 2016 is one of my main editorial works. My curatorial and activist work involves the Cyprus participation in the 15th Venice Biennale of Architecture, (www.contestedfronts.org), as well as the “Hands-on Famagusta” project (www.handsonfamagusta.org).

Maria Loizidou


She is a visual artist, graduated from the Ecole des Beaux Art de Lyon with the “Prix de Paris” in the 1980s. She was resident at the Cité des Arts in Paris for several years. Her work has to do with the power of fragility. She has been collaborating with various museums and foundations across Europe, with exhibitions, educational programs, conferences and workshops . She has participated in many individual and group international art exhibitions including the Venice Biennale of Art and of Architecture.

Senior Architects

Riccardo Urbano 2000-2014

He graduated from the University of Genoa, Italy in 2000. He also teaches part time at the University of Nicosia.

Evripides Mytilineos 2018-

He received his diploma of architecture from the University of Cyprus.

Junior Architects

Anastasia Angelidou 2011-13
Maria Prokopiou 2013-2014
Chyrsanthe Constantinou 2014-2018

She received her Architecture degree from the University of Cyprus and her Master in Urban Design from UCL, UK

Lara Sharf 2018-2021
Evripides Mytilineos 2019-

He received his diploma of architecture from the University of Cyprus.

Eleni Andreou 2019

Eleni holds a diploma of architecture from the University of Cyprus

Despoina Kouppa 2022-
Mary Mavrohanna 2022-

Technical Assistants

Andri Poumbouri 2000-2002
Lara Alphas 2007-2009


Architects and Planners

ALA Planning Partnership
/ 2005 / Master Plans of communities, / Preliminary Study for Famagusta.
Aggela Petrou
/ 2008- / architect, teacher / Athienou Cultural Centre (Associate) / Aliki Environmental Centre Competition (Associate)
Alessandra Swiny
/ 2006-2007 / architect, teacher / Europark Competition (collaborator) / Pano Platres Master Plan (collaborator) / Redevelopment of Agia Phyla historical centre, Limassol (collaborator)
Alexandros Tombazis and Associates
/1990-1993 / Architects / Battle of Crete, Memorial Competition / Advisor at University of Cyprus Campus International Ideas Competition
Architectoniki Epe, Athens
/ architects / 2004 / Europan 4 Redevelopment of the Heraklion City Waterfront, Crete, Greece
Christiana Karagiorgi
/ 2011 / architect / Larnaca Public Market and Car Park - Competition, (Associate)
Christos Hatzichristou
/ 2005 / architect, teacher / Eleftheria Square Competition (associate)
Christos Pasadakis - KIS architecture
Christos collaborates with AA&U since 2019 for the projects of: - Listed building refurbishment, Nicosia - Athienou cultural centre -Architectural competition for the main square in Limassol (plateia Herown) - 2nd prize with no first prize
Draftworks: Christian Ioannou and Christos Papastergiou
/ 2011- / architects / Liopetri National Park - Competition, (Associates) / Larnaca Public Market and Car Park - Competition, (Associates)
Elena Sophianou
/ 2000 / architect (Planning and Housing Department), / Implementation of the Co-op Square Athienou
Emre Akbil
/ 2011- / architect, teacher / The Imaginary Famagusta Project / Preliminary Study for Famagusta
Ercim Ulug
/ 2004-2005 / architect / Redevelopment of Eleftheria Square Competition, (collaborator) / Europan 4, redevelopment of Heraklion Old City Waterfront, Phase 2
Esra Can
/ 2011- / architect, teacher / The Imaginary Famagusta Project / Preliminary Study for Famagusta
Fevzi Ozersay
/ 2006-07 / architect, teacher / Pyla Master Plan (Collaborator)
Kyriakos Koundouros
/ 2000-2008 / architect, planner / Europan 4, Redevelopment of Heraklion Old City Waterfront, Phase 1 and Competition phase (Associate)
Maria Hatzisoteriou
/ 2005-2011 / architect, teacher / Redevelopment of the Agia Phyla Historical Centre, Limassol (associate) / Dali Master Plan (collaborator)
Marios Papademetris
/ 2003-2004 / architect / Europan 4, Redevelopment of Heraklion City Waterfront Area, Phase 1
Michael Cosmas
/ 2002-03 / architect / Limassol Old Port Competition 2nd Phase / Europan 4 Redevelopment of the Heraklion City Waterfront, Crete, Greece, Phase 1 / Limassol New Port Passengers Terminal (Associate)
Munevver Ozgur
/ 2006-07 / architect, teacher / Pyla Master Plan (Collaborator) / Imaginary Famagusta (Collaborator)
Nektarios Christodoulou
/ 2012- / Planner, PhD student / Imaginary Famagusta / Preliminary Study for Famagusta
Paris and Pavlos Philippou
/ 2003 / architects / Limassol New Port Passengers Terminal Competition (Associates)
Rui Pedro Martins Ferreira Dos Santos
/ 2011 / architect / Redevelopment of an old stadium into a parking hub and public space (Γ Σ Π), Competition

Geological and Port Engineers

Athanasios Liosis, Athens
/ 2004- / Europan 4, redevelopment of Heraklion Old City Waterfront, phases 1 & 2
Triton, Athens
/ 2013- / Port Engineer / Europan 4, redevelopment of Heraklion Old City Waterfront, phase 3
Andronopoulos, Athens
/ 2013- / Geologist / Europan 4, redevelopment of Heraklion Old City Waterfront, phase 3


Atlantis, Environmental Engineers
/ 2005- / Master Plans of communities Katydata, Vouni, Pano Platres, Dali / Liopetri National Park, Competition
Enveco, Athens
/ 2004- / Europan 4, Redevelopment of Heraklion Old City waterfront, Phases 2 and 3

Visual Artists

Charis Pellapaisiotis
/ 2005 / photograher, teacher / The Call # 192 Project, (Associate)

Traffic Engineers

Demetris Rentzos, Athens
/ 2004- / Europan 4, redevelopment of Heraklion Old City Waterfront, phases 1 & 2

Structural Engineers

Loucas Varnava
/ 2001- / T11 & T13 Residences and Artist's studio / Athienou Cultural Centre
Nicos Constantinides
/ 2000, 2012 / Residence in Anthoupolis / Residence and winery in Pahna
/ 2004- / Redevelopment of Agia Phyla historical centre, Limassol / Eleftheria Square Competition / Limassol Old Port Competition
Mylonas & Tzivanakis, Athens
/ 2004- / Europan 4, redevelopment of Heraklion Old City Waterfront, phases 1 & 2
Panos Psychoyios, Athens
/ 2012- / Europan 4, redevelopment of Heraklion Old City Waterfront, phase 3

Quantity Surveyors

Nicolaou & Konnides
/ 2000- / On most of the projects in Cyprus
Antonis Yiourousis, Athens
/ 2004-2011 / Europan 4, redevelopment of Heraklion Old City Waterfront, Phases 1 & 2
Giorgos Petrakis, Heraklion, Crete
/ 2012 / Europan 4, redevelopment of Heraklion Old City Waterfront, phase 3
Kypros Kokkinos JMV
For the Refurbishment of a listed building in Nicosia For the architectural competition for the main public space of Limassol (Plateia Herown)

Electromechanical Engineers

George Chari
/ 2010-11 / Redevelopment of a Ayia Phyla historical centre, Limassol
/ 2011- / Athienou Cultural Centre
LDK, Athens
/ 2002- / Europan 4, Redevelopment of Heraklion Old City waterfront, Phases 1, 2 and 3


Christos Pasadakis / Vicky Theodorou / Savvas Anastasiou / Savia Palate / Chrysanthi Constantinou / Despoina Papalouka / Elena Yenari / Stavri Yiannakou / Vania Athinodorou / Andronicos Kalli / Aristophanes Hadjicharalambous 2019- / Petros Christou 2020- / Vanessa Motsiou 2020- /


The work of AA&U in the Cyprus Pavilion of the 15th Venice Biennale of Architecture
27 May 2016

AA&U for Architecture, Art and Urbanism is one of the partners both for the content of the Cyprus Pavilion (the "Hands-on Famagusta" project), entitled "Contested Fronts: Commoning Practices for Conflict Transformation" curated by Socrates Stratis, as well as for the design and implementation of the exhibition at Palazzo Malipiero. Images by DSL studio

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AA&U has been part of the production team of the "Guide to Common Urban Imaginaries in Contested Spaces: the Hands-on Famagusta project" edited by Socrates Stratis, coming out this month by jovis, Berlin
02 May 2016

Order your "Guide to Common Urban Imaginaries in Contested Spaces: the Hands-on Famagusta project" coming out this month by jovis, Berlin edited by Socrates Stratis at https://www.jovis.de/en/books/guide-to-common-urban-imaginaries-in-contested-spaces.html Can collective urban practices contribute to peace processes in divided cities? How can they be used in a targeted manner as part of urban policy, to challenge dominant divisive narratives and offer alternatives to segregating urban reconstruction approaches? The book is dedicated to this role of architecture and urban planning as a political instrument for transforming ethnic conflicts into urban controversies towards the city’s commons. The town of Famagusta in Cyprus serves as an example, a town characterized by polarizing narratives and burdened by memories loaded with conflict. In order to transform the contested territories into areas of common interest and action, the “Hands-on Famagusta“ project team developed methods for urban transformation. The guide brings together practical examples of this project and international articles from relevant literature, thereby communicating strategies and tactics for the formation and spatial organization of the collective. It actively encourages deeply contested societies to invest in common urban imaginaries. Socrates Stratis is the curator of the Cyprus Pavilion at the 15th Architecture Biennial 2016 in Venice with the project entitled “Contested Fronts: Commoning Practices for Conflict Transformation”. The “Hands-on Famagusta” project is the main part of the Cyprus Pavilion together with six international practices, networks and pedagogical programs: “Archis Interventions SEE”, “Build Up”, “City Reparo”, “Institute of Threshold”, “Mapping Controversies”, “Passages”.

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Hands-on Famagusta presents: Model of the whole city of Famagusta & Tri-Lingual Web Platform
28 November 2015

Projecting Common Urban Future for a Post-Conflict Famagusta ---------------------------- Launch Event: Saturday, November 28th, 2015 - from 17:00 Venue: Sts. Peter and Paul church / Buğday Cami, Famagusta ---------------------------- The Hands-on Famagusta project team cordially invites you to the launch event for the Model of the whole city of Famagusta and the Tri-Lingual Web Platform (www.handsonfamagusta.org). The event is set to take place on November 28th, 2015 - from 17:00 at the Sts. Peter and Paul church / Buğday Cami in Famagusta. The exhibits will remain open for the public from 27 – 29 of November, 2015, from 10:00 – 18:00.

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Hands-on Famagusta ON THE ROAD
20 November 2015

The model of the whole city of Famagusta in a successful "Avant Première" on the side walk in front of the Department of Architecture, University of Cyprus, on Friday 20th of November 2015. The "Hands-on Famagusta" team was promoting, to the passers-by, the Launch event that will take place on the 28th of November in Sts Peter and Paul Church in the old city of Famagusta.

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17 October 2015

On Saturday, 17th of October a group of Greek Speaking and Turkish Speaking Cypriots gathered in the old city of Famagusta hosted by Masder to discuss about the forthcoming translation of the Hands-on Famagusta web-platform into Turkish and Greek.

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Interview of Socrates Stratis and Emre Akbil were guests at Sigmalive with Eftyhia Andreou on Hands-on Famagusta project
21 June 2015

Must watch! 15 minutes of in-depth Hands-on Famagusta: Socrates Stratis and Emre Akbil were guests at Sigmalive with Eftyhia Andreou

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“Imagine Famagusta! Encouraging common visions for a post-conflict city” Key Note Speech in BUILD PEACE 2015
25 April 2015

Socrates Stratis with Esra Can Akbil, gave a Key Note speech at the international conference Build Peace 2015 in Nicosia Cyprus. They talked about the Hands-on Famagusta web-platform addressing the the role of technology to Build Peace, one of the main concerns of the conference. AA&U is actively involved in the making of the project as well as the graphic design of the webplatform. http://howtobuildpeace.org/

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The Hands-on Famagusta logo is released
17 February 2015

Get ready for frequent flights to unexpected territories. The Action Dove, the Hands-on Famagusta logo, is gradually getting graffiti presence on urban walls.

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Hands-on Famagusta Video Release
13 February 2015

Hands-on Famagusta Video Release! "If you could decide now about the future of Famagusta in a reunified Cyprus, then get ready to explore and play with Imaginaries of Famagusta!" Watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aw64qtPB9ew

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Honorable Mention to the AA & U proposal to the Architectural Competition for Connecting the Archeological Sites in Paphos
17 November 2014

The AA & U proposal entitled "Open City" gained an honorable mention to the Architectural Competition about the connection between the Archeological sites in Paphos.

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AA & U work was presented by Socrates Stratis in a talk titled "The Cypriot Buffer Zone and Architecture's Agencies" , at the Home For Cooperation, Nicosia
30 July 2014

Socrates was invited by Costas Constantinou and Maria Hatzipavlou to give a talk in the context of an International Summer Program of the University of Cyprus on Peace and Conflict: the life of the buffer zone. Socrates presented his research on architecture's agencies that have a critical take on the buffer zone. He showed some of AA & U's projects that address such issues.

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References to AA&U practice in the Swiss Journal HOCHPARTERRE
01 July 2014

On another track, Socrates Stratis, founder of the interdisciplinary agency of AA & U (For Architecture, Art and Urbanism), is among the few to establish networks between Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot professionals. In the Imaginary Famagusta project (2012), a team of architects and urbanists explored planning processes about the future of Famagusta after a possible political resolution in Cyprus, proposing urban strategies and tactics as reconciliation practices in contested territories. (By Petros Phokaides)

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AA&U is part of the collaboration winning a Grant for the "Hands-on-Famagusta" project
23 June 2014

The “Hands-on-Famagusta” project comprises of inter-related activities, which use participatory urban design processes to facilitate dialogue about the urban future of Famagusta. The project contributes to the construction of common ground between groups in conflict and supports the planning of contemporary urban environments. It is based on the on-going work by the Laboratory of Urbanism, University of Cyprus (LU2CY), Imaginary Famagusta (I.F.), and ALA/Stratis. The “IF Team” (Imaginary Famagusta Team) is an initiative started by a group of architects and urban planners handling the Hands-On Famagusta project. The “IF Team” will be responsible for: the project coordination, development of urban tools and website content, web design and game interface coordination. Project Leader: Socrates Stratis Project Coordination Team: Emre Akbil, Esra Can Akbil, Nektarios Christodolou, Munevver Ozgur Ozersay Production Team: Chrysanthe Constantinou ( AA&U) Thalia Charalambous, ( AA&U) Architecture students and young graduates

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Socrates Stratis was invited to give a talk About Urban Awareness in the conference SOCIALLY ENGAGED DESIGN
03 May 2014

Part of the presentation was about the role of chrono-urbanistic practices in creating active co-existences in the contemporary urban environment. Socrates used examples from the international project "Urban-A-Where?" that he curated. AA & U designed the mobile exhibition to support the event plus the "Magic Carpet" that was unfolded across streets in Nicosia to celebrated pedestrian crossing.

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Finalist at the CURATE, the global competition promoted by Qatar Museums Authority and Fondazione Prada
01 March 2014

Maria Loizidou's curating proposal titled "Directly Mild" with the exhibition design by Socrates Stratis (AA&U) has been selected one of the twenty finalists of Curate, the global competition promoted by Qatar Museums Authority and Fondazione Prada http://www.curateaward.org

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The UAW BOOK LAUNCH edited by S. Stratis
21 February 2014

University of Cyprus, Department of Architecture Bernd Vlay presents the international publication "The UAW-Book. About Urban Awareness", through the theme of curating, ed. by Socrates Stratis, including a contribution of AA & U

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Vienna-Nicosia: Urban Challenges For Contemporary Cities
20 February 2014

Socrates Stratis gives a lecture with Bernd Vlay on contemporary challenges of sustainable urban design, comparing dynamics of Nicosia with Vienna at Melina Mercouri Theatre, Nicosia The lecture was preceded by a mobile workshop on public transport with the rest of the seminar participants www.facebook.com/friends.of.nicosia/

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An e-DIY Presentation: about AA&U For Architecture, Art and Urbanism
27 January 2014

Socrates Stratis has performed an e-Do It Yourself Presentation for the University of Idaho, USA. Socrates invited by David Franco, Assistant Professor of Architecture has introduced an alternative way of communicating the work of AA&U to the students of Architecture at the University of Idaho. Instead of giving a preset lecture through skype he proposed to the students to study the AA&U website and give to him a list of preferable projects only when the skype connection was on. Socrates had to improvise in order to create links across the projects.

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Urban strategies and tactics for reconciliation processes in contested territories: Famagusta, Cyprus
03 December 2013

Socrates Stratis is invited by the Institut of Urban and Regional Development (IURD) where he is currently a Visiting Scholar to present a joint research project with Imaginary Famagusta, ALA Partnership and University of Cyprus This talk is about practices of architecture and urban design that can have an active agent role in contested territories. They may participate in the construction of common ground across ethno-religious divides by contributing into the creation of common references and imaginaries, prerequisite for any reconciliation process.

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The "Pending Memorial" proposal receives the 2nd prize
21 October 2013

The Pending Memorial Project is about a creative critique, an objection to the fact that the Ministry of Defense of Cyprus, whose Minister was one of the major actors convicted in court because of his responsibility for the catastrophic explosion on July 11th 2011, became the sponsor for a Memorial for the 13 people killed in that event. The project’s objection extended to the fact that the memorial should not only be about the 13 people killed but also about the destroyed landscape and electric power-station and for all Cypriot citizens who had realized that day that their State was incapable to protect them from such explosion. Plus, the Pending Memorial, creatively criticized the fact that the process of remembering should not only take place at the explosion area but it should take over public spaces in the cities plus it should penetrate the everyday practice of the Cyprus State. The design proposal manipulated the competition's terms of reference to allow such critic to take place. It demonstrated in fact the need for political engagement of any design proposal You can see more details on the project on the projects' archive

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Finally, the UAW BOOK is out!
16 October 2013

It is the publication about the "Urban-A-Where?" activities that took place during the fall of 2012, edited by Socrates Stratis, designed by Michalis Paparounis, Futura Publications, Athens and published by DAMDI.

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Architect's Notebooks Publication by DAMDI Seoul Korea
14 October 2013

Drawings and texts of Socrates Stratis about design thinking are published by DAMDI in Architect's Notebooks Edition

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AA & U work presented by Socrates Stratis in Parsons New School of Design Graduate program, NYC
14 October 2013

Socrates Stratis, invited by the Professor Lydia Matthews, presented the lecture about Spatial Practices' Ethical Dilemmas in Contested Spaces using the work of AA&U, to a graduate course on Social Practices on the 14th of October 2013.

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Socrates Stratis invited to participate to the Quartet in Urbanism in the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna
21 May 2013

The title of the presentation was: Designerly translocalities- between Urban Stories and Fairy Tales

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Research on Famagusta Presented in Belfast Queen's University by Socrates Stratis
15 April 2013

Confronting Fragmentation in Contested Spaces: The case of Famagusta Cyprus

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Fail we will, try we must! Read the article on Learning From Failures by Socrates Stratis on the Pyla Master Plan project
26 March 2013

Socrates Stratis is reflecting on AA & U practice. He questions the role of architectural practices in contested spaces such as Cyprus and why should they advocate for reconciliating processes across the divide with the high risk of failing. Read more in "Learning From Failures: Architectures of Emergency in Contested Spaces;(Pyla,Cyprus)”, Footprint Journal, Delft, Vol 7, No 2 pp.143-151

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The article "From Fragment to Eco-island: archipelago à la carte" is published in Edimburg Architecture Research Journal by Stratis, Ioannou, Papastergiou
31 January 2013

"From Fragment to Eco-island: archipelago à la carte" is a research through design article that constructs knowledge out of the analysis of a winning competition project (3rd prize), designed by the authors for the National Park of Liopetri, Cyprus

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